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My mom has been a fan alwayz


My mom has been a fan always of Billy Joel she is 34. She use to tell us that she was going to marry him one day! She and my 9 year old brother know every single song that Billy Joel sings by heart. My mom is a domestic violence advocate, a writer for our town newspaper, she would fight for any kid for any reason, she stands up for what she believes in and teached us the same, she loves music, her favorites are Sammy Davis, Frank Sinatra (and a lot of singers from those days), the Beach Boys, Billy Joel and Dolly Pardon. Her all time favorite is Billy Joel. So if anyone knows how to get ahold of Mr. Joel, please pass this along to him, I am 11 years old My mom is a single mom and has always done her best to give us what we need and sometimes what we want. We would like to do the same for her. She never stops for herself, she never buys for herself, and this is the best present that we could ever give her. [email protected]

Photo Credit: andiekay