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I entered into his world


This was taken in 1993.

On this trip, I was happy to leave my world at the dock and I entered into his world (as Billy had said). A good friend of mine won this trip and took me along. It could not have come at a better time for me. My father’s cancer had just spread to his brain and my best friends father was dying in a hospital bed.

I learned a lot about Billy and his life. I stayed back from him as others were asking for photographs, etc. I have also seen how some people can be so inconsiderate as he goes on with his daily life.

In the end, I was sad to go. I stepped off his boat and onto the dock and was once again in my world. As soon as I got home, I learned my best friends father passed on. We were hugging each other tightly.

I explained to my father about my trip and he saw a glimmer of happiness in my eye. That next Father’s Day- June 19th, my father passed on with my mother at his side. For that first year, every time I went to visit my father at his grave, a Billy Joel song came on the radio as I entered the gates. I knew my father was looking down at me trying to cheer me up.

Today is June 19th and 15 years later. Whenever I feel sad, I put on a Billy Joel song and it brings me back to that day I spent in his world.

I just want to say thank you Billy for everything. It’s wonderful how many hearts you have touched.